Crescendo Music Therapy provides contractual music therapy services to businesses and individuals across Utah


  • Individualized music therapy sessions
  • Personalized music listening program: 24/7 therapeutic music
  • Active marketing and therapeutic relationship building with facilities
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  • Music and Memory consultation
  • Music therapy groups targeting specific needs
  • Medicare reimbursed neurologic music therapy for rehab clients
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  • We come to your loved one!
  • Sessions built to meet client needs
  • Personalized music listening program for 24/7 music
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Recent Blog Posts

Music in our Brain

Music in our Brain

Take a look at this! After watching this video, its no wonder music therapy is so powerful!

Gladys Wilson

Gladys Wilson

Watch this amazing video that illustrates the power of music and validation.

Music therapy increases your good spirits. It will ease the pain of any cumbersome day. It takes you back to when life was wonderful, and brings out those experiences. The visits and the music always leave me feeling higher. And I mean always.

John C.

hospice patient

Since introduced to music therapy, it has been his favorite part hospice care. He responds very well, in his awareness of different instruments and the music therapists voice. It puts life and enjoyment into him


full time caregiver for Carl, who is in the ending stages of Alzheimer's disease

Music therapy has been a lifesaver to me. It has brought me out of the gutter, woke me up, made me see the sunshine instead of the clouds.


Hospice patient

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